An Infinite Regress of Events Past Part 1

Just because I asked for it doesn’t mean it’s what I wanted, I say, dancing around the point.

Do you know how time moves?

Moves? my voice is strained.

Moves? I repeat, as something unravels.

Does it…flutter?


Remember when Aether was everywhere, I reminiscence.

We weren’t even born yet, you divert, as if it didn’t fill the space between us.

Aether, consumed by Gods, subtler than light, existing in the spaces between my eyelashes, in the spaces between all the planets and all the stars.

Once it explained everything.

And now it’s gone.

So how does time move, I want to ask you but I am sure there’s a catch somewhere and I don’t want to appear stupid so I say nothing and I never find out.



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