Busiest Week of My Life

I’ve always been strangely obsessed by the concept of opportunity cost but here’s the way it runs in my brain these days: a finite spectrum of time with a finite capability of productivity. It’s less about the “fig tree” now. It’s less about the future and the choices that define the future. It’s more about now, this moment, this hour spent reading David Brooks’ wonderful pieces, not once but multiple times, with a gluttony later regretted because there’s a perpetual to-do list of studying and work to be accomplished and skills to be acquired and a ceaseless desire for productivity.

There’s been a Wes Anderson art show on LES since 2nd November and I have been adding and taking it off my calendar since 2nd November because that’s how busy school has kept me. Tomorrow, however, I intend to readjust all my priorities and go visit this thing. Weekend arrives with such delights and while nothing gold can stay the next two days are infinite in their offer of promises.



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